Desert Son

Desert Son - Glenn Maynard This is a life or rather after-near-death life story of Carter. The story begins with an out of body experience he had following a tragic accident. Both his parents die in that accident and he miraculously survives. But everything changes for him. He can't stand to be in his house and now that he has a destiny to fulfil he must follow his heart. It seems right to him to leave and go west. So he does that. Then we see different experiences he has along the way. How he feels, what he thinks. His life might be never be the same once he finds out the truth about himself. It scares him and also encourages him to seek the truth about himself. Then he meets Brenda and a whole new chapter of his life begins.
The first few chapters are somewhat boring as the story develops slowly and there is much repetition about Carter's feelings and thoughts. Although some might enjoy minute details about his accident and the way he comes back to life.
Once he is on his journey to seek the truth and fulfil his destiny, whatever that might be, story becomes more and more interesting. There is a sense of mystery which will keep you on edge. Finally ending in a most epic way. In the beginning I never thought It'd end like that. But I am happy that I read it. It was refreshingly different from books I mostly read. It was entertaining and a fun read. Not quite a 5-star but definitely a 4-star book.
P.S. I want to thank the author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed reading this not-quite-ordinary book.