Yoshiko and the Gift of Charms

Yoshiko and the Gift of Charms - Julia Suzuki A beautifully written fantasy about dragons. This story is about a land where dragons live in peace and harmony, ok so may be not exactly in harmony as some dragons thinks pretty highly of themselves and want to be rulers instead of Surion's clan. But they are hidden from human sight and are living their lives in peace for sure. Each dragon clan hold a unique place in their community and within each clan all the dragons share their colour and traits. Except one youngling. Who is unlike any dragon in his clan. In fact he is unlike any dragon in whole of Dragor. Born from a strange rainbow coloured egg, Yoshiko has odd abilities. He can change colours, mysterious twins gave him a stone and he even visits the mountain where Guya (another dragon everyone avoids) lives in isolation.
Yoshiko is eager to overcome his flaws and learn as much about his land as possible. He is bullied my some students at the fire school but soon he learns to ignore the snide comments of other younglings. The book holds important lessons for young readers.
The scenes are so well written that at times one can almost forget that its a fantasy. All the character are well defined and likable. I really enjoyed reading it and I think its a 5-Star book, all in all. Although it is written for young readers, adults can enjoy it as well. The mysterious beginning of the story, a fantasy world, and superb plot, all makes it a perfect read. I will recommend it to all fantasy lovers. In fact even if you weren't a fantasy lover you should try this book and you might count yourself one.
P.S. I also loved the cover. Its beautiful and intriguing.