Her Secret Inheritance

Her Secret Inheritance - Jen McConnel It was even better than what I had expected. A befitting ending to Lou's as well as Isobel's story. Lou returned to Scotland after five years when professor dies and now she has to sort through his things and accept her inheritance.
The first surprise she got was Brian, apparently the professor had written to him as well, requesting that he helped Lou. The second surprise was Brian's behavior towards her. Not to mention she had to deal with a vengeful ghost as well.
In this book we learn a little more about Isobel's brother-in-law and his friendship with the doctor, who caused that tragedy all these years ago. I liked the fact that in this book the story from past and present continued side by side, just like book 1. I had fun reading more about Lou and Isobel Key. I thing every fan of paranormal must read these books :)