Panic - Ryan Ringbloom After reading Flaw I was expecting a great read and Ryan Ringbloom did not disappoint me. This second book is just as heart-warming and emotional as book 1. It is most definitely a five star, as well as, a must read for every NA lovers.
There are two couples and two amazing love stories that might leave you in tears. Kent and Robin were in love back in high school but things didn't go exactly as they had envisioned. Separated from each other due to some circumstances, they had been miserable until they found each other once again. But will things work for them this time? Or are they heading for anther disaster?
When things are going so fast its hard not to panic....
Second story is about Shayna and Bailey. A girl from Ohio, who came to Florida for the first time and gets excited about little things. Her excitement over small things turned out to be contagious and Bailey couldn't help but fall for her. Its hard to say what is in store for them...
I loved both stories and all the characters are so well developed, it was hard not to get emotionally attached to them. I love how Ringbloom can make these stories come to life. I can't wait to read some more emotional roller coasters from this awesome author.
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