The Day of Destiny

The Day of Destiny - Lavinia Collins I loved this series, each book was better then the previous. And the climax was just epic. I already mentioned how much I loved queen Guinevere as a narrator. It is the best version of this legend I've come across. The emotions are almost tangible and the way Lavinia has developed all the important characters is remarkable. There is a lot tension and passion which gives this story more depth.
In third installment we see Guinevere fighting, once again, with the love she felt for Lancelot and Arthur. But then her affair became public and Mordred tried to manipulate the whole situation to get rid of Arthur once and for so that he can become king but Guinevere was not going to give up her chance at happiness so easily. She knew that she might never get to see Lancelot again but at least she had Arthur, whom she loved just as much just not in the same way. One of the best aspects of these books is the way author has managed to explain all the emotional entanglements involving Guinevere, Arthur, Lancelot and Kay as well.
I will recommend it to anyone looking for some quality reads. Lastly, I think these books are brilliant and I want to thank the author for giving me a chance to read such exceptional work. I hope to read more of Lavinia's work in future.