Her Secret, His Surprise (Entangled Bliss)

Her Secret, His Surprise (Entangled Bliss) - Paula Altenburg This book was so much better than I had expected. Its a well written book that had me hooked from star till end. All the characters are superbly created and the story flows effortlessly which makes it so much more fun to read. Most importantly its pace is exactly what it should have been, no slow/annoying parts. It is book that every romance lover will enjoy reading for sure. I did! :)

Cass and Logan turned out to be an awesome fictitious couple. Cass, who ran away from home as a teenager and then was disowned by her father, is strong and independent woman. She does not like men who have no ambitions and live a life less than what they can easily have. Logan is pretending to be just that guy. So there was no way that Cass will take him seriously. She had learnt her lesson and tend to be wary of people lacking direction. Still she cannot deny the attraction she feels for him....

Logan is pretending to be someone he isn't but he cannot reveal who he truly is. It does make things complicating between him and Cass. He will have to wait for the right time to let her in on his secret. He just hopes that its not too late to salvage what little connection they have. After all its not just Cass but his daughter as well, who needs him.