A Tale of Two Centuries

A Tale of Two Centuries - Rachel  Harris this review was originally posted as http://www.mineofbooks.blogspot.com/
This second book in My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century is even better than the first one. It was really fun to see everything we take for granted from the point of view of a sixteenth century's girl, it made me appreciate all the luxuries we have today and realise that we truly are blessed to be born in this day and time. This lighthearted romantic tale is about Alessandra, Cat's cousin from the past, who ends up in twenty first century Hollywood and lived her dream of becoming an actress.
She had always wanted to act in theater but in her day and time female acting was unheard of and thought to be sinful so when she was jilted by her suitor and ended up in the present day, she knew it was her adventure, her one and only chance to be daring and do one thing she had always wanted to do the most.
Cat was happy to see her cousin, or more accurately her ancestor again, but she was also a little shocked, anyway now that Less was here she was going to protect her ignorant-of-our-ways-cousin and help her achieve her goal of acting.
As Less started school, met a handsome and arrogant boy Austin and learned the ways of the modern world, she stopped being prim and proper naive girl from the past and get into her new role with gusto, after all she was a natural actress, no role was too difficult for her. Austin challenged her and intrigued her at the same time and the more she knew about him the easier it became for her to fall in love with him.
Austin wanted to show Less that she wasn't as good as she posed to be but then he found out that she was in fact even better, she was sweet, trusting and honest girl and it was impossible not to like her.
On the other side Cat is avoiding Lucas because she was scared of how it might end, after all it had only been a few months since her visit to sixteenth century and Lorenzo's memory was still fresh in her mind but Less knew that the only way to make her cousin happy was to get the two love birds together and as it turned out she can play the role of a cupid just as well as she can play any other role.
This book was a pure joy and like the book one it will leave you craving for the next book, in a totally good way. Rachel Harris really knows how to develop reader's interest and so far she hasn't disappointed me. I will look forward to more books by this amazing author.