To Cast a Stone

To Cast a Stone - Kelli Lockheart It was an entertaining quick read. I like myths and this was a good one. I especially liked the ending which has made me want to read the next part as well.
Artemis is the goddess of hunt. She killed the love of her life, Orion, because of a misunderstanding and is then turned into a stone by her father. She clearly needs to learn a lesson in patience. The goddess of love, Aphrodite, interferes and Artemis is united with Orion once again but now they are both humans and now they are in danger because the creatures that the goddess had created in a moment of boredom want to kill her and also creating havoc on earth, killing humans who are clearly not meant to hunt such creatures.
The story is a little too fast. It took me some time to grasp at what exactly was going on although that is usually expected in novellas but I think considering that this is not a complete story I think that slower pace wouldn't have hurt. It got better after a while and by the end it had engaged my interest so I am hoping that the next book will be better. I liked the turns and twists in the story. It was difficult to predict what will happen next and that is something I absolutely love. I don't like predictable cliches of any kind so that was a plus.
One other thing i'd like to say is that word "erotic" is a little misleading. Sure it has some adult content but its not to that extend.
I gave it a five star because I enjoyed reading it a lot and in my opinion that is all that matters.
*I should mention that although I did receive a manuscript directly from the author, I was NOT in any way compensated or bribed for this review*