Twelve Steps

Twelve Steps - Veronica Bartles I absolutely loved it! First of all I want to say that I can totally relate to Andi-Alaina relationship and feelings for each other. And let me tell you that it was right on!!.... being perfect is no easy feat, and I think the author has captured all the tension plus drama between two sisters superbly, without giving any negativity which could have spoiled the whole story.

"We could sit around and chat about how our flawless family members are systematically destroying our lives."

Laina is perfect and her perfection has haunted Andi for ages. Everyone keeps comparing her to her perfect elder sister and she is sick and tired of it. The boy she has been crushing on for years is also interested in Laina and not her. In fact every single boy in school is interested in Laina, not that she pays attention to them. Still they keep following her around and ignoring Andi.
Andi thinks that she is powerless because of Laina's perfection and she should just take charge of her life. So when Jarod asks her to help him win her sister, she starts work on her own agenda instead. A twelve-step programme which will make all her problems disappear. Most importantly it'll make Jarod realised that she was the sister for him no Laina. When Shane entered the picture, it gave her a perfect opportunity to make her dream come true. But things rarely go the way one plans....
She has always acted as if it didn't matter, as if she didn't notice people comparing her to Laina and finding her less than perfect. And she is good at acting too, no one sees her like she really is except Dave. He is the only person who sees through her lies....

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that you're supposed to keep things vague when you're lying through your teeth."

So she is not as clueless as her sister. She knows when someone is interested in her but she cannot by anything more than friends with Dave. She has always been in love with Jarod and that will never change or so she thinks.....

Its a beautifully written story, which is perfect for young readers. I'm no teenager but I loved it too. All the characters are well crafted and I especially loved Dave's character. Didn't like Jarod though. He was no hero-material if you asked me. He was stringing Andi along while pining for Laina. But the book demanded that character so it was perfect in its own way. Everyone was as they should be and this made it a 5-star read.
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