Lancelot's Lady

Lancelot's Lady - Cherish D'Angelo, Cheryl Kaye Tardif What a delightful book! It is full of suspense, mystery, romance and ton of fun.

JT is suffering from brain tumor and he knows that he has not much to live. So he is trying to amend his mistakes... When he hired a young nurse and then sent her on a vacation for few weeks, he wasn't sure if he did the right thing but as his butler and long time companion said,

"My friend, I have known you for many years, and in all this time I've come to recognise that you always do the right thing. In the end."

As it turned out that it definitely was the right thing to do. Rhianna didn't know what to make of her employer. She had come to care for him as her father. He was old and dying but still insisted that she took a vacation. Truthfully she couldn't say she minded much considering how it was the first vacation she had ever taken. But when she arrived at an isolated island, owned by annoying Mr. Tyler she wasn't too happy. She assumed that there must be some kind of mix-up but was there? Or is that exactly what JT had planned all along? Whatever the case she couldn't deny her attraction for Jonathan Tyler. Hurt in the past she wasn't sure of herself....

"....she wanted him, and the only thing standing in the way was her past."

Jonathan Tyler had lived in isolation for years now. He loved his island and his privacy. So obviously wasn't happy when an uninvited guest end up at his door step, so to speak. With no way off the island Rhianna was stuck with him for a few weeks at the very least. He didn't know what was it about her that antagonised her so much. He couldn't help but tease her all the time. He was confused of his own feelings after all he did consider himself in love with his ex-wife and that didn't end well....

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