Wilde Riders

Wilde Riders - Savannah Young The best thing about this book was, that it was a quick and fun read. A light, humorous story about a country guy (Conner) and a city girl (Riley). It was an entertaining book, which one can enjoy with a cup of tea at any time. I for one loved it and will rate it a 5-star. I liked all four of the Wilde brothers. They have such diverse personalities, all of them very interesting. It's a good thing that there will be three more books because I am definitely dying to read more about them. All the side characters are well developed too. Plot is nice and well executed.
Connor doesn't want to return to Old Town, he has left the country behind and is no longer a country boy. But can he really stop being a country guy that easily? Doesn't he still loves his hometown in some ways? Even if its a remote place, its where he grew up and on this trip back to his town he may realise how wrong he is to think that he is no longer a country boy at heart.
He has his issues with his elder brother Jake but when his brother needs help he is there for him, although only a few days. There he meets Riley and was instantly attracted to her. Riley works with a bank and was there to investigate his brother. She hates leaving New York and going to small town but she also wants to prove herself and succeed in her field of work. According to her the only thing worse than small town is Wall-Street-Wannabee-Guys who can't stop bragging about their financial success. But wait! That is exactly what Connor is, a Wall Street guy but is it that simple? Can she really put people in a box? Aren't people more complicated than that? Connor loves her and will do anything to prove himself worthy of her love.
The reason why I loved this book so much is that I had fun reading it. That has always been the most important thing to me. I enjoy reading books but if they were too emotional or the story keeps dragging or the ending is not what it should be then I don't see any point in reading that book. This one was perfect in that regard. I think anyone who likes contemporary romance will like this book.