Losing Logan

Losing Logan - Sherry D. Ficklin "What if the only thing you never meant to hold on to
was the one thing you couldn't let go of?"

This is a story about letting go of the dead. Its well written with interesting characters. I especially liked Zoe a lot. She is fun and I quite like her straightforward attitude, sometimes she was a bitch but, hey some people do deserve it. And don't forget that she loves a ghost. Nothing can ever come out of that relationship, right? but she is not prepared to let go of Logan. Besides Logan is stuck in this world due to some unfinished business or something (they can't quite figure out) and she must help him. Its not that she and Logan get along. even in death he can be a little annoying.

"Aw, that's kinda sweet. You know, in a not really sort of way."

Then they realised that Logan didn't die naturally but was murdered. he had no memory of it and now it is up to Zoe to find out exactly what happened the night he died. So Zoe must start somewhere and the best place will be Logan's friends. Those people she had avoided her entire high school life and wasn't too happy to get to know the. To find the truth she changes herself and turned into a person everyone wanted to be friends with.

".. In death there is truth."

She started going out with Logan's best friend Bruno. Who has been crushing on her for a while and is obviously too happy. He loves Zoe and makes her feel special and Zoe loves him too but not in the way she loves Logan.

"Then just let him love you, and love him as much as you can in return. Love him as much as you're able to right now. There is no shame in that."

So she keep going out with Bruno. She needs him too as their investigation into Logan's death becomes more and more dangerous. Another student is dead and it is clear that there is more to the story than everyone thought.
Did I mention how much I loved reading this book? It was sad in a good way and full of mystery and thrill. Ghosts stories are rarely as good as this one. In the middle though it did seem like dragging a little but soon story picked up again. I will recommend to any fan of paranormal/ghosts/YA. This book was worth the time and definitely a 5-star read.