Vision of Shadows

Vision of Shadows - Vincent Morrone Once started reading, I just couldn't put it down. It is full of suspense and intrigue. There is a mystery around Bristol and Spirit town. From the very first page you'll be totally engrossed and wanting to know more about all the mysterious stuff that keeps happening. Some of the mysteries unravel by the end of the book but some of the questions still remained unanswered.
Bristol has always seen visions of boy, she knows that she will see him soon some day. He will be something to her, may be a lover or her murderer, she is not sure yet. Then her parents die in a strange accident and she moves to Spirit town to live with her uncle and his family. From then on strange things start happening. someone or something wants her dead and they will go to any lengths to do so. Even if it meant harming or killing other people in the process.
Payne has always been haunted by the fact that he survived when his mother died in an accident. He is wreck-less and keeps putting himself in danger. But things change when Bristol moves to town. He is attracted to her and wants to live so that he can be with her. Although things are not easy for them, still he will do whatever it takes to protect her.
The story is quite interesting. It has family feuds, curses, people with supernatural abilities, love, hatred, ghosts and shadow creatures. All the characters are likable and there are some funny moments that made me laugh. Overall I enjoyed reading it and will recommend to fans of paranormal and mystery.