Melted & Shattered

Melted & Shattered - Emily Eck Oh wow!! This series is like an emotional rollercoaster. It is so intense! I usually stay away from emotional books because I don't like crying but this one had me hooked right from the beginning until the end. I loved all the characters and the story surrounding them.
Book one ended on a cliffhanger and anticipation for the next book was too much. Fortunately, I got an advanced review copy and I cannot be more thankful ;) In this book Elle struggles to get her life back in order. It deals with Elle's journey, her battle with herself, her recovery and how she connects with other characters. Book 1.5 is from J's POV and its better if you read that before reading book 2. I love Elle and J's couple and I hope that they get the happily-ever-after which they deserve....
It was definitely a 5-star read. I loved how Elle's character developed in this book and also the effects, everything that happened, had on J. This was the most emotional part of the book. which will make any faint of heart cry. I don't want to give spoilers because trust me this is a series you will want to read yourself. I recommend it to all contemporary romance lovers.
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