ProtoStar - Braxton A. Cosby I really had fun reading this one. It was such a good mix of old & new, romance & science fiction and yes, there was a bit of mystery & intrigue thrown into the mix as well. I will recommend it to all young adult readers. This is a must read for you guys!

Prince William is a bounty hunter and he has come to planet earth in order to kill the Star-child. When he enters earth atmosphere, there is disturbance and it resulted in earthquakes which no one can find an exact cause of. His mission is to locate the star-child and kill her. He has been warned how difficult this mission can be because star-child posses strange powers which can be infectious. So he must be cautious at all cost and he must not fail....

Sydney is a teenage girl living in a small town. She lives with her grandmother Sarah. Her parents are deceased. When William reached planet earth he takes refuge with the two ladies. Who has no idea about his real identity but are hospitable. Sydney also starts thinking of him as her "Mr. Right". William also feels the attraction but his mission is clear, he has to eliminate star-child and the threat she posses to the universe. He has been taught that star-child can e very dangerous and he cannot let himself be distracted. With guidance from IMPI he will carry out his task in due time.

The best part of the story is its beginning, which is very exciting and mysterious. In the middle it got a little bit slow but the ending was no less interesting. I enjoyed reading it and hope that everyone else does too. :)