The Wager

The Wager - Lily Maxton If you are looking for short, sweet as well as scandalous novel, then you will love this one. I'm so glad I was able to snag a review copy. ;)

Anne loves to wager and she hates to lose. When she and her sister made a wager about a scandalous book, which might or might not be in a certain Lord's library, things didn't go as smoothly as Anne would've liked. As she encountered Lord Thornhill and he is not someone she is overly fond of, she actually dislike him as much as he dislikes her. But then they corresponded with each other a few times and started to get along. And the next thing we know they mad e wager of their own. With that begins a story which will have you enthralled. It's interesting and very well written. Both Lord Thornhill and Anne's characters are awesome. I really liked it and felt that it ended too soon. But may be that's part of its charm.