The Spia Family Presses On

The Spia Family Presses On - Mary Leo I love a good mystery and this book was a best. It was full of suspense, intrigue and some serious sleuthing on Mia's part. She wanted to catch the killer before he or she succeeded in framing her mother and sending her to jail for good. It was no easy feat to find one killer when your entire family consists of ex-killers/cons/mobsters. But they are recovering and have their acts straight for a while. Still someone must have fallen over the edge and reverted to old habits or cousin Dickey wouldn't be dead. It was up to Mia to find that one relative before her whole family suffers due to one person's actions. Lisa is her best friend and she was a big help. With every step they were getting closer to finding the killer, still it was not easy to find that "one mistake" which will expose him or her.
It was funny, quirky and entertaining story. There were a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot of awesome characters. Though it's hard for me to say whom I liked the best. Mia' fragile mom or her nutty aunts. Her uncles are not bad either. I had so much fun reading it and will recommend it to all mystery/suspense lovers, this one is for you. :)