Hunter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #2

Hunter Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #2 - C.D. Gorri The book 2 starts from where book 1 left off. The story continues. It is just as good as the first book and again I will say that it has been one unique werewolf series. I admire Gorri's way of writing. All the characters in this book are great and the story line is just amazing. It is a 5-star read and I'd definitely love to read more of it and recommend it to others too.

The story becomes more intriguing by the minute. It is full of surprises and very entertaining. Grazi is a teenage girl who recently finds out that she can also turn into furry creatures- she is a werewolf. It is pretty new to her and life with the pack held lots of wonders, as far as she is concerned. There is so much she still needs to learn about her father's family, werewolves and herself. It is a journey where she learns to grow and meet her destiny.

Ronan is another werewolf who also happens to he her guardian. They both learn to fight together and there is something about him that Grazi finds irresistible. Her wolf approves of his wolf too. But he might be interested in her cousin. In my opinion Ronan and Grazi deserve each other. ;)

They are fighting witches and also helped by a witch. Apparently not all of them are so bad. This makes it even more interesting and worth reading. I am happy that I read this one too as I had loved the first book as well.

P.S. I want to that the author for generously providing and ARC. My review has not been affected by that fact at all. :)